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Are you constantly overwhelmed with the demands of running your business?

You have attended different classes but haven’t implemented and you need someone to help you.

You are running your business like a one-man Business despite having staff members because your staff doesn’t know what to do.

You are making sales but don’t know if you are making a profit or not.

You work 18 hours a day, Monday to Sunday because your business always needs your attention.  You dare not leave your business because a lot of things might go wrong.

You are having a hard time employing the right hands and even when you get one, they don’t stay long before resigning.

Your business is scattered and you want a well-organized business structure model, process, and policies for staff and clients.

You have to be involved in every sales transactions for it to be successful. Not being in the office = No sales.


Business Structure Done-For-You

A 5-weeks intensive personal coaching on how to organize your business

We will meet on Zoom, once a week and spend 90 minutes on each call for 5 consecutive weeks.

What to Expect?

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Clarity
  • Results you want to achieve
  • Challenges
  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Departments you need to have

Week 2

  • Recap of last call
  • Create/recreate your vision, mission and core values together
  • Business Systems Creation – Create one system together
  • SOP creation – Create one together
  • CEO’s workflow

Week 3

  • Create other systems for your company.
  • Finance
  • Customer Service/Sales & Marketing
  • Admin/HR
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Create SOPs for every department.
  • Create a new CEO’s workflow
  • Discuss policies
  • Sales and Marketing – who handles this?
  • New Organizational Structure, Job description, Key Performance Indicator, Appraisal Form, and Onboarding documents.

Week 4

  • Fill in the questionnaire for policies
  • Create your Organizational Structure
  • Write out the Job description of each role and KPIs
  • Your role as the CEO
  • Finance – control measures
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Mix Template
  • Business Model Canvas

Week 5

  • Go through the work done from  Week 1 – 4
  • Answer your questions

This is a practical consulting.
Plus I will create all your documents for you and send them to you.

    • Standard Operating Procedures for each department.
    • Company Policies
    • New Organizational Structure
    • Job Description and KPIs for present team members (Template will be given for future use)
    • Store Policy Manual


Recruitment Documents

  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • Important Questions to ask during interview
  • Onboarding Documents Templates
    • Letter of Appointment
    • Offer letter
    • Guarantor form
    • Bio-data form
    • Non-compete form
    • Non-disclosure form
    • Payroll enrollment
    • Staff Induction Checklist
    • Employee Welcome Pack Checklist
  • Post-Recruitment Documents
    • Time Sheet Template
    • Staff Appraisal Template
    • Resignation
      • Exit interview form

One Time Payment

Two Times Payment


Balance up with N300,000 on or before the third week call. If a client is not able to make complete payment on or before the 3rd week call, that will signal the end of the program.

All Part and Full Payments are not refundable. Any other service outside the above listed services will attract extra charges.

But before can you make payment, jump on a FREE 30 MINUTES CALL WITH ME

Here is what our clients are saying...

This consulting service is strictly for serious business owners who are ready to put in the work to Organize their business

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Meet your Coach


I help SME CEOs to structure their business operations so that their business can run smoothly on it's own.

I’m also the CEO of Saint Tracy, a luxury jewelry brand with Four Physical Branches in Nigeria.
Back in 2014, I wasn’t a Business Structure and Management Expert, people know me for today. My business was in a big mess and my head was pulling out.

So I started searching, I wanted to know if it was possible to run a business effectively without my 100% presence.
After many years of researching and studying, I started implementing and my business began to take a new turn. I didn’t have to be at work for my business to run smoothly.

Not only that, I’ve been able to help over 1000 SME CEOs build an effective structure for their business.


The information contained in the company and staff structure process design is specific to your company. We take no responsibility nor do we give any guarantee of business growth, business profits and earnings. As much as we will be glad to see you grow, the above-mentioned factors depend on your ability to implement your new structure, system, policies, your dedication, shrewdness, finance management, etc. Tracy Diamonds is not liable to any loss or damage resulting from this coaching relationship.

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