Your business doesn’t need you everyday.

Tracy Diamonds helps SME CEOs to organize their business so it can run smoothly with or without their physical presence.

I’ve helped over 500+ entrepreneurs scale their businesses
Business Structure Expert and CEO of Saint Tracy, a Luxury Jewerly Brand.

If owning a business that can run smoothly without you feels like squeezing water from a stone, then you need to meet me. I’m going to open you up to the possibility of setting up a highly profitable business that doesn’t need you every day to survive.

Over 600% increase in sales!

During the physical class on how to organize your business, you taught us that one of the ways to motivate employees is to create a commission structure. That same day, I came up with how I would implement that in my fashion business which deals majorly in wristwatches. After implementing, we were able to move the business from selling 150 pieces of watches monthly to 918 pieces.

Timothy Moyofola
CEO, Naijaluxurywatch

Let’s Work Together

1 hour Clarity Call

Schedule a 1-hour Zoom session with me to delve into any concerns you may have regarding customer service, structure, financial management and many more.

Personalized Structure Session

This is for you if you are overwhelmed with your business operations and need a personalised session where we can both look at your workflow.

Staff Trainings

Having the best staff won't give you the results you want if you're unaware of how to train them to meet your expectations. I specialize in training employees to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Say Goodbye to Staff Theft and Loss

If you are an SME CEO and you are wondering what to do to curb staff theft, you are in the right place. In this free class, you will learn how to;

  • Identify the areas where theft & loss can occur.
  • The practical steps to take to protect your business from staff theft & loss.
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