About Me

My name is Tracy Uwom
I am the founder of Saint Tracy Enterprise.
Over the years I ran my business like every new entrepreneur without knowing exactly how things should be done, I only knew there was a need for my products, and so I sold wedding and engagement rings.
However the business began to grow and everything internally was out of place. I had to pause and went to get the solution to organizing my Business which I now want to teach you. I help small business owners to organize and create independence for their business and themselves. I have ran 2 successful businesses for over 10 years, I have attended courses at Lagos Business School, where I obtained certification on entrepreneur management, I attended Tara Fela Durotoye master classes on structure, I have now implemented the solutions in my company, and experienced the results I now teach. With these solutions I have been able to scale my business from one shop to 4 physically owned shops in 3 states in Nigeria, outlets in 5 Spar malls, and other distribution channels which we run all at the same time!
I have helped over 50 businesses in the past and now ready to help more people achieve success from the problems that are peculiar to small businesses in scaling and structuring.


To be a business resource, where SMEs can learn how to create and manage their business structure, grow their business, with effective management systems.


Creating valuable resource through coaching, Teachings, that are result-oriented and specific.

My Services

One-On-One Session

A zoom 1 hour call where you tell me the issues you have in your business and i come up with solutions on how you can solve them.

Online Courses

Online courses where you learn at your own pace. Every course is detailed with either templates or guides so you can start implementing immediately

Live Coaching Sessions

I will periodically Have live sessions where I will teach and directly use case studies to show you how to structure your business