A Full Day Workshop that takes you through the PROCESS of Creating Business SYSTEMS, STRUCTURE and DOCUMENTATION for your company.

Structure seems to be a new BUZZ word going on.

Business running on Auto-Pilot seems to be what we are all hearing everywhere, but what exactly is Business Automation?

A business is said to run on Auto-pilot when the business can operate with out you the owner needing to show up physically or online in the business everyday.

This is not the reality of so many businesses and that is why you  clicked the button right?


One Day Workshop for CEOs who are ready to Reorganize and Rebuild their Business Systems for Growth and Automation

Hi, I am Tracy Diamonds. I have ran Business for the past ten (10) years. I am the CEO of the Luxury jewelry brand SAINT TRACY and we have 4 physical stores in Nigeria.

About 5 years ago, I was helpless, running from pillar to post. I couldn’t manage my physical branches and the online space was growing. I knew something was off and I went to Lagos Business School, attended 2 structure courses and I was able to grasp the concept of structure, system and I have over the years taught other business owners how to achieve the success I have with my own business.

Dear Business Owners, Structuring your business is the one sure way of growing your business.

I believe you want your business to function independent of you like you see with the multinationals.

You must be tired and always having to tell your team members what to do.


This webinar is an action packed webinar. You can call it the implementation webinar.

  • You will learn what structure is all about.
  • You will learn how to create a system in the company.
  • You will identify all your key departments and create a system for all your department.
  • You will learn about procedures, processes and policies.
  • You will be given templates for your company.
  • you will create policies, processes and procedures for all major departments in your company.
  • You will create company Vision, mission, values and organogram.
  • You will learn how to implement the structure you have created and how to pass on this new knowledge to your staff.
  • You will learn how to conduct appraisal.
  • You will learn about strategies you can imbibe as the CEO to grow your company.
  • You will create job descriptions for yourself and your staff so that you stick to your job and your staff stick to their job as well.

Meet my past students and some of the documents they created after attending my class.

The Mastering Business Structure course was waayyy more than I expected.
It is sooo detailed and delivered with so much experience and passion.

The modules are super explanatory and easy to understand with a lot of relatable examples and case studies.

The exercises made it hands on and practical.

Doing those exercises have helped me truly define my Why and from that point the How also became clear. I am working through one module at a time to implement all I have learnt and I have seen so many positive changes in my fashion business already.

I am no longer afraid to dream big or scale my business. It has also freed up a lot of my executive time and I am able to do more strategic planning and direct the affairs of my company from a position of knowledge and clear vision that spurs me on and fuels my enthusiasm and passion.

I am truly happy I took this course. It is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It is a turn around course for me; Life changing.

I recommend it to anyone looking to scale their business and run it professionally and profitably.



This is the document my past student created after attending my structure course. now wouldn't you want to create documents like this for your company? Wouldn't you want to understand what structure is all about and create policies that your company will function with?
Akams Nature Care

You will be getting 3 or 5 templates depending on the option you choose.





You can pick the option that suits you, it will be the same webinar, you only get different templates and workbooks. Now are you ready to take charge of your business and walk in 2021 more confident that your business can survive without your physical presence.

This is the only structure class that will show you exactly how to SETUP STRUCTURE  and go IMMEDIATLY.

My students get immediate result because I am Hands-on. It is not a theory class. It is a 2-3-hour live Practical Webinar.

This webinar is a steal

These templates and workbooks on their own cost N15,000 for option 1 and N45,000 for option 2.

You are getting the teaching which cost N20,000, workbooks and templates which cost N15,000 or N45,000 all for N25,000 or N35,000.

You don’t want to miss this offer!!

This Webinar Will Full Show You How To LINK A Procedure To A Policy And A Process.

  • How you can get your staff to do the job you employed them to do with out your constant monitoring

  • How you can organise your work, take a break and have time for your self and family.

  • How you can be a more responsible CEO.

    This will show you the responsibilities of building a company that people will want to work in.

  • How to Identify the departments that really make the money come in and build systems to make them efficient.

  • In this webinar, you will create documents needed to run an SME effectively.

The Structure For Every Businessl Webinar Is For

This Webinar will show you that STRUCTURE is not as complex as you think.

I will show you that you can rebuild any system that you already have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most asked questions.

Its a live webinar that holds on the 15th of NOVEMBER 2020 BY 6PM Nigerian time

If you started business do you have STRICTURE in place? Do you have policies in place?

if no, then you need this Webinar.


  • Do you always have to tell your staff everything to do?
  • Do you question how your business operates?
  • Are you accounting records up to date in the correct way an SME should?
  • Do you have  stock issues, stock theft?
  • Do you always have to think of what next to do in the business and scroll through Social Media looking for what others are doing?
  • Do you start and stop because you don’t have the zeal to finish a project?
  • Do you always employ staff and in few months they leave without notice, or you always have to employ new staff because they don’t stay long with you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Then Course is for you.

For this WEBINAR, its a one off payment of either N25,000 0R N35,000

You will have access to the videos and materials for two years. You are free to pace, study at your own time, and work through the entire course at your own convenience.

However, If you are on the group coaching package, then you need to work with the schedule of the course to get the benefit of the group coaching., if not you can still study at your pace, but there will be no group coaching.


Mastering Business Skill is a 100 percent online course. There is no physical class, All Modules, Bonuses and Coaching are done online. Students will have access to their personal login details once payment has been confirmed.

Send an e-mail to info@tracydiamonds.com 

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