Now tell me, are you a small business owner who……….

  • Is tired of always hiring the wrong employees?

  • Have employees that don't deliver on their job description or you have to constantly monitor them for you to see result?

  • Employs staff very often because they resign after you have invested so much in them

  • Doesn't have staff who embodies the vision of the company, they don’t carry your market on their head literally.

  • Have team members that are not entirely happy or motivated??

  • Constantly shouts at their team members because they never follow your instructions

  • Is new in business and does not want to make mistakes in employing Staff.

  • Feels you are not getting value for the salary you pay your staff?


This Webinar is divided into three steps to help you solve your staff wahala.




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Attending this webinar will give you superpowers like:

  • How to spot good employees when you see them – qualities of an exceptional employee.
  • How to change unmotivated staff to become super motivated and productive.
  • How to build managers, and get them to run your business without your physical presence 100%
  • Mastering the right way to conduct interviews and separating the qualified candidates from the unqualified.
  • How to create the right Job deliverables that will ensure your staff are putting in the time without you constantly monitoring
  • The right system to getting a new employee to understand your business system.
  • Understanding how to measure staff performance and increase it greatly.
  • How to create a detailed job description for every role in your organization.
  • The proper training your staff needs to become super productive.
  • How to manage people – People management skills you need to retain your employees for a long period of time.
  • The mandatory employee reward system – How to structure salary payment.
  • How to make your team members follow your instructions – Creating staff policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch the webinar at your own convenient time.

Please check your mail for your bonuses immediately payment has been made. 

It is a one-time payment of N15,000

It is N15,000 only. A one-time payment that gives you access to the webinar.

It is a 3hour online webinar. You will need either a smartphone or a laptop to join.

 Yes, the webinar is for every business owner who wants to hit their business goals with quality team members.

Unfortunately, there is no refund after payment.

It is a virtual class. You only need a smartphone or laptop and Internet connection.

Unfortunately, we won’t be issuing certificates.

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