This E-book is for every Nigerian Business owner



How do you tell your staff exactly how you want them to carry out a task when you haven’t documented it?

Do you want to keep repeating yourself every day on exactly how the orders should be taken so you do not keep making mistakes and losing money as a company?

I have helped you create 100 different Standard Operating Procedures they come in a form of TEMPLATES edit for your business that will transform your Business for ever.

You hear about STRUCTURE everyday

Let me tell you a secret..

STRUCTURE runs on Standard Operating Procedures. Structure runs on documenting the steps you take to achieve the results you want.

This E-book is a very short cut to creating structure in a growing business.

You finally get to teach your team members using a guide you can adjust to fit your company’s exact need.

Everyone can read the step-by-step guide, follow it and get the same result as if it was you the CEO doing the task yourself.

This Is An Example Of What You Are Getting

As a growing Business Owner, You want to eventually separate your business from yourself and let the business run effectively without your physical presence. You also want to be sure that its done correctly time and time again.

You want to show your staff the exact steps they need to take to carry out EVERY, I mean EVERY task in the office. That’s the only way you can be sure that the company will stand and run smoothly even without you being physically present.

I know the challenges you may have

  1. How do you create these steps?
  2. How do you ensure your staff will follow these steps?
  3. You don’t have time to sit down and write out every step for every department.

Well I have done  the hard work for you now.

I have created Standard Operating Procedures TEMPLATES for:

I have now sweetened the deal by adding 3 bonuses for you as well.

A 4 page template to show you what your employee policy manual should look like.

2. A compilation of 22 company documents every SME should have. This will guide you as you start creating these documents for your business.

3. A Short Video recording showing how to use the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE TEMPLATES.

Buy the E-book at the PRE-ORDER PRICE OF 50% OFF and get these 3 free BONUSES. Your Preordered EBOOK and bonuses will be delivered to you on the 1st of Dec 2020. THE EBOOK WILL BE SOLD AT FULL PRICE FROM THE 1ST OF DECEMBER 2020.




  • No more shouting

    Everyone follows the steps and get the result.

  • You can now travel and not be afraid of all the mistakes that may happen in your absence

  • No more answering of calls every minute from your staff asking you how you want them to handle a situation.

    You have written down the steps and they can refer to it.

  • No more staff resigning impromptu and you don't know how they were carrying out a specific task, So you are now helpless.

  • No more over dependence on some key staff.

    The way the job is carried out is now available for others to learn.

Until you can let your staff do the work you employed them to do, showing them exactly how you want them to carry out every task, you will always work in the company doing the job yourself and NOT work on the company to grow and expand it.

Let me show you how.

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