20 Staff Policy Template


Here is a list of the policies you will be getting;

  1. Incomplete Task Execution.
  2. Late Submission Of Reports.
  3. Late Responses To Queries.
  4. Sleeping On Duty.
  5. Not Wearing Id Cards.
  6. Unauthorized Removal Of Records.
  7. Signing Of Documents For ABC Company.
  8. Manner Of Approach.
  9. Failure To Attend Meetings.
  10. Loss Of Office Tools.
  11. Request For Transfer
  12. Staff Transfer Procedures
  13.  Leave Allowance
  14. Marriage Leave
  15. Miscarriage Leave
  16. Redundancy
  17. Legal Proceeding
  18. Overtime
  19. Bonus And Incentives
  20. Death Benefits
  21. Car Financing


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