Everything from letter of appointment to non disclosure agreement, to bio data forms, to the employee handbook that is over 50 pages alone, to leave application form etc. this is the closest to getting the full templates which is N60,000. They are:
  1. BIO DATA FORM: It is an abbreviation for the term biographical data. It is a document that demands relevant factual information about an individual or employee. i.e. personal information, educational background, occupational history etc
  2. EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: This is a form that employers use to document and evaluate their staff performance. The essence is to identify strength and weaknesses, offer feedback and set goals for future performance.
  3. EMPLOYEE WELCOME PACK CHECKLIST: This document is used to identify items that are needed for the onboarding of a new employee.
  4. EMPLOYEE POLICY HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This is a document that acknowledges that an employee has gone through the company’s handbook and he/she is in agreement with everything that is written in the handbook.
  5. EXIT CLEARANCE:It is a document that is used by the company to ensure that the employee who is resigning from the job has fulfilled all responsibilities and has returned every company property with him/her.
  6. EXIT INTERVIEW: It is used as a survey to get information from an employee that is resigning from the company and the essence is to provide feedback on why employee is leaving, what they liked about the employment and what areas of the company need improvement.
  7. GUARANTORS FORM: The employee is required to give this document to a guarantor whom by signing this document has agreed to be responsible for employee’s shortcomings and any inappropriate behavior. Incases of theft, the guarantor must replace stolen item(s) if they cannot be retrieved from the employee directly.
  8. HR SOP:It is a document that provides instructions on how Human resource personnel should perform a routine or technical task. It provides consistency and helps to ensure quality outcome.
  9. EMPLOYEE POLICY HANDBOOK: It is a compilation of job-related information which an employee needs to know. It serves as a working guide for employees in the understanding of the day-to-day operations of the company.
  10. JOB DESCRIPTION:It is a written chronicle that narrates the overall tasks, and other related responsibilities, and function of a position or role.
  11. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: This is a document that is used to measure values that help companies know if they are meeting their most important business objectives. The aim of these indicators is to provide hard data on where a business is succeeding and where it needs to improve.
  12. LEAVE APPLICATION: This is a document that serves as a formal way of employee asking for a break from work for a particular time period.
  13. NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: This is signed document that ensures that employees protect company’s information that employers would want to withhold from the public and other companies.
  14. LETTER OF APPOINTMENT:It is a formal document indicating an agreement between employer and employee. It usually includes details regarding salary, benefits, employment starting date, the title and task description of the offered position and any necessary details concerning employment conditions or stipulations.
  15. PERSONS SPECIFICATION: this is a document used to measure the type of employee that is perfect for a particular role in the company.
  16. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: This is a document used in creating action plans based on values, goal-setting and personal development within the context of a career.
  17. REJECTION EMAIL: This is an email sent to a prospective employee after an interview session, informing him/her of being turned down or of non-acceptance of the Role interviewed for.
  18. SELF APPRAISAL:This is a document that helps employees to evaluate their own worth and significance to the growth of a company.
  19. STAFF INDUCTION CHECKLIST:This document is used to identify tasks and actions that needs to be addressed at each phase of new employee induction. It is usually tailored to suit the company’s timescales.
  20. STAFF MEETING CHECKLIST:This document is used to identify tasks and actions that needs to be addressed at each phase of company’s staff meeting.
  21. SUCCESSFUL EMAIL:It is an email sent to successful candidates after an interview session to let them know that they have successfully moved to the next hiring stage.
  22. SUSPENSION LETTER: This is a document given to an employee after a repeated gross misconduct. The duration of suspension depends on the offence committed and how it has affected the growth of the company.
  23. TRAINING FEEDBACK: This is a document given to an employee at the end of a training session. The essence is for the company to evaluate if the training was of benefit to the staff and also take note of areas that may be needing more trainings.
  24. WARNING LETTER:This is a document that is usually sent from an employer or manager to an employee or subordinate, stating their discontent with a deplorable action. The essence is to reprimand.
  25. PAYROLL ENROLLMENT: This is a document that allows a new employee to provide bank and other financial details for the the purpose of salary payments. the information on this payroll form will enable management calculate the total amount an employee will receive at the end of the month.



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