The documents, Forms needed on the first day of work, or to re register old employees properly.

5 Documents for the employee, and 2 extra documents the company needs. They are:

  1. Letter of Appointment: It is a formal document indicating an agreement between employer and employee. It usually includes details regarding salary, benefits, employment starting date, the title and task description of the offered position and any necessary details concerning employment conditions or stipulations.
  2. Non-disclosure agreement: This is signed document that ensures that employees protect company’s information that employers would want to withhold from the public and other companies.
  3. Biodata form: It is an abbreviation for the term biographical data. It is a document that demands relevant factual information about an individual or employee. i.e. personal information, educational background, occupational history etc
  4. Guarantor’s form: The employee is required to give this document to a guarantor whom by signing this document has agreed to be responsible for employee’s shortcomings and any inappropriate behavior. Incases of theft, the guarantor must replace stolen item(s) if they cannot be retrieved from the employee directly.
  5. Payroll enrollment form:This document is used to receive basic payment details from new employee
  6. Employee welcome pack checklist: This document is used to identify items that are needed for the onboarding of a new employee.
  7. Staff induction checklist: This document is used to identify tasks and actions that needs to be addressed at each phase of new employee induction. It is usually tailored to suit the company’s timescales.



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