Below are the List of Policies I will be Writing for your Company, categorized in different headings. I will create them SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR COMPANY. With all your RULES, PENALTIES AND PREFERENCES.

Joining the Organisation

  1. Staff Induction
  2. Job Description
  3. Probation and Confirmation
  4. Performance and salary review
  5. Employee Training and development


  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
  2. Nepotism
  3. Employee Classification
  4. Background And Reference Checks

Separation of Employment

  1. Resignation
  2. Job Abandonment
  3. Return of Company
  4. Property
  5. Rehire

Compensation and Salary Administration

  1. Rates and Salary
  2. Employee Benefit and Deduction.
  3. Employee Welfare.
  4. Out of State Expenses.

Work Place Safety

  1. Drug-Free Workplace
  2. Work Rules
  3. Safety

Employee Conduct

  1. Moral Code.
  2. Respects and Dignity Policy
  3. Professional Conducts in Personal Relationships.
  4. Bribery and Corruption Policy

Administrative Policy

  1. Hours of Work & Break Period
  2. Attendance
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Employee Personnel File
  5. Absent from work.
  6. visitor’s Policy

Anti-Harrasment Policy and Compliant Procedures.

  1. Anti-harassment Policy.
  2. Workplace Bullying.
  3. Violence in the Workplace.

Electronic, communication and internet use.

  1. Internet Use.
  2. Right to Monitor.
  3. Social Media

Work Place Expectation

  1. Conflicts of Interest.
  2. Outside Employment.
  3. Attire and grooming.
  4. Declared Public Holiday.
  5. Absence.
  6. Sick Leave.
  7. Annual Leave.
  8. Compassionate Leave.
  9. Medical Leave.
  10. Study Leave.
  11. Maternity Leave.
  12. Physical Damage on goods.
  13. Company way of selling.
  14. Credit Collection (monthly).
  15. Receiving Merchandise

Work Place Expectation (contd)

16. Storage of goods

17. Counting of Stock

18. Managing Warehouse Inventory

19. Product Development

20. Going into a joint Venture

21. New client onboarding

22. Marketing Campaign

23. Store opening

24. Cleaning

25. Product Launch

26. Delivering item to client after repairs

27. Whistleblower Policy

28. Payroll Policy

29. Staff Loans

30. Office Meetings

Below are the List of EXTRA 20 policies if you are getting the 90

Work Place Expectation (extended)

  1. Incomplete Task Execution.
  2. Late Submission Of Reports.
  3. Late Responses To Queries.
  4. Sleeping On Duty.
  5. Not Wearing Id Cards.
  6. Unauthorized Removal Of Records.
  7. Signing Of Documents For ABC Company.
  8. Manner Of Approach.
  9. Failure To Attend Meetings.
  10. Loss Of Office Tools.
  11. Request For Transfer

12. Staff Transfer Procedures
13. Leave Allowance
14. Marriage Leave
15. Miscarriage Leave
16. Redundancy
17. Legal Proceeding
18. Overtime
19. Bonus And Incentives
20. Death Benefits
21. Car Financing (Loan)



You will receive it on or before five weeks from the date of payment to the address you will provide.

Yes, the soft copy will be sent to your mail while the hard copies will be delivered to the address you will make available to us.

If you have started or about to start your business and you are yet to compile staff policies that will guide your old and new employees in the day to day running of your business with or with out your presence or input, then the 70 staff policy manual is for you.

It is a one-time payment of N45,000 for 70 policies or N55,000 for 90 policies

It is N45, 000 or N55,000 only. A one-time payment that gives you a downloadable access to the manual and two hard copies delivered to you on or before 5 weeks.

Yes, they are. You can download, edit and print.

Yes it is customized for your business. You will be asked to take a quiz and the answers you provide will be used to create the policy manual for your company.

There is no refund after payment, we will be following the exact guidelines that you give us.

There is no refund after payment

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