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Want to structure/organize your business but don’t know where to start? Get the Mini Structure Bundle containing the 70 Staff Policy & All Staff Employment Documents

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Containing 70 Staff Policies Templates + All Staff Employment Documents (all in TEMPLATE FORMATS).

What are Staff Policies?

As an SME, managing staff can be stressful. You will have to keep explaining and repeating yourself every day. To avoid that, you need staff policies, a set of guidelines or rules a particular company is governed by on a daily basis.

Here are some of the policies

All Staff Employment Documents

These are the ten essential documents you should give your staff when you newly employ them or even existing staff if they didn't sign any document when they were employed. Getting your staff to sign these documents will help you protect your business and staff. 7 of these documents are for your employees while 3 documents are for your HR.

They include;


Structure Assessment Sheet

20 Most Important Interview Questions for Experienced Staff and fresh Graduates

Interview Evaluation Form

HOLD ON! If you want to UPGRADE, then you need to get these comprehensive Job Description(JD) & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)Templates to ensure that all your employees are carrying out their duties effectively as expected, also to grade their performance correctly, and reward accurately.

Why do you need to get JDs & KPIs?

With Job Description(JD), you can communicate what you want your staff members to do while the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)Template will help you measure performance.

I've created them in twelve different roles;

I will also give you the Accountant and CEO JDs & KPIs for FREE
plus FREE Staff Appraisal Template, Free Timesheet Template and Video on how to use the templates.


Get the Mini Structure Bundle Templates @ N18,999 instead of N35,000


Get the Mini Structure Bundle Templates + JDs & KPIs @ N41,999 instead of N65,000

And In Case You're Doubting If You Will Get Value For Your Money......Here's Some Proof

Meet Tracy Diamonds

I help SME CEOs to structure their business operations so that their business can run smoothly on it's own.

I’m also the CEO of Saint Tracy, a luxury jewelry brand with Four Physical Branches in Nigeria.
Back in 2014, I wasn’t a Business Structure and Management Expert, people know me for today. My business was in a big mess and my head was pulling out.

So I started searching, I wanted to know if it was possible to run a business effectively without my 100% presence.
After many years of researching and studying, I started implementing and my business began to take a new turn. I didn’t have to be at work for my business to run smoothly.

Not only that, I’ve been able to help over 1000 SME CEOs build an effective structure for their business.


A template is a document serving as a guide to create new documents. The mini structure bundle comes in template format.

Yes, it will work for your industry if you have staff members. 

You will receive them in your email inbox in 5 mins or less as soon as your payment is received.

It is a one-time payment of either N18,999 or N41,999 depending on the option you want. A one-time payment that gives you a downloadable access to the documents.

There is no refund after payment.

Yes, the templates are editable. You can download, edit in Microsoft Word and print.

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