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Ready to apply the RIGHT Business Skills NEEDED to Effectively manage an SME even if you just started or have already started your Business? Then

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Mastering Business Skills Online Course.

Have you wondered how to manage your company EFFECTIVELY?

Do you always have issues with managing your Inventory? Your stock is either to much or too little. You are tied down with lots of slow moving goods and cash traped? You wish you could monitor your stock and know when the fast moving goods are sold out so you do not run out of stock again.

You are not sure what strategies to implement and use for your Business? Some months just go by like that and nothing new is happening except buying and selling. You get uninspired sometimes.

You do not have proper accounting records. Your books are scattered, you mix up company money and personal money together. All the concept of VAT, TAX, PAYE, you don't understand it. You make money, but you do not pay your self a salary,

You are always interviewing and employing staff, either because they leave abruptly or you sack them. you will like to know how to retain good staff, Your company structure is non existent. You do not know how to create policies to help you manage your business.

You Know how to sell but your internal operations are not efficient. You keep getting cases of theft, or lost items and this affects you business negatively.

You lack the skills to run one branch. You can't imagine running 2 or more branches, but you really want to expand.

You want to understand Structure , Strategy properly, so that you can have a proper plan month in, month out.

You have to manage even the smallest detail in your company, you shout every day, because you staff do not know what to do, they need constant monitoring.

If you answered Yes to one or more of the above questions, then you need to keep reading because I have the solution for you.

Discover the Step by Step guide to Mastering the skills needed to run an SME Business effectively.

If you admire other businesses how things look so put together, but do not know how to go about it, Then I am your teacher.

From 2010 to 2015, I had ran my Jewelry Business like a side hustle because that was what it was. I didn’t see beyond my present location. We had only one branch and we were not making good profit. But in 2014, I took a bold step and attended the Lagos Business School Certificate for Entrepreneurs Program and immediately I graduated, I had wings to fly.

You may be just like me then, in Dec 2014. How was it even possible to run more than one branch? But I had knowledge and i applied it immediately, which is what I will want you to do after you take the Course.

I went on to open a branch in Ikeja Nigeria by Feb 2015 the next year and in quick successions, we opened 2 more branches in Abuja and Lekki. Since then, I have gained exponential knowledge no school can teach you and also attended more courses for Business Management. 

Right now, I’m back at Lagos Business School for the Owners Mangers Program to gain more knowledge, because knowledge is progressive. All this started because I went for knowledge in 2014,  and I implemented it.

I will love to help you Organise your business properly, so that your Business can grow and you can have your business run like a well oiled machine, without your constant monitoring.

I have had to employ the services of Business Consultants to effectively put my Company on automation.

I realized that lots of people want to start their own business, but they need to get it right before they start. I am here to bridge the gap so you can start immediately with the right skills.

If you already have your business, i believe that you want things to be better in terms of your STRUCTURE, ACCOUNTING, OPERATIONS AND STRATEGY.

I have helped over 200 students structure their businesses by creating policies and courses in that topic.

I find that more business owners need more than structure, they need to understand other skills, management, operations, accounting, ethics, strategies and lots more.

Here I am in Lagos Business School in Feb 2020. My mind is expanded, it’s an intense course and i will like to share with you all that i have learned.

Now it's time for you to learn these skills and implement them in your business.


Here is what you will learn


The Mastering Business Skills Online Course, a 4 week Online Course.

Here's what you will learn Inside the Mastering Business Skills Online Course.

Module 1: Business Structure

  • Creating your Vision, Mission,Values.
  • Creating your Organogram for your Company.
  • Creating your Employee policy manual for your company.
  • Creating your Company Policies.
  • Creating Different Standard Operating Procedures.
  • How to implement your company policies and get your staff motivated.
  • Creating Job descriptions for all your staff members.
  • Qualities of an exceptional Staff.

Module 2: Accounting Module

  • What are accounting records?
  • Which records you need to keep as an SME.
  • Understanding transactions and source documents
  • Understanding the actual concept of accounting and how it impacts on record-keeping.
  • Creating processes which help your team collate and keep the right records
  • Compulsory records that an SME  must keep.
  • What data do to capture when keeping records?
  • What eventually happens to the records
  • What is Bookkeeping?
  • Why should my business do bookkeeping?
  • The big question: How do I do my bookkeeping myself, even though I have no accounting background
  • Understanding sources of data and how to use them in bookkeeping.
  • Building your Bookkeeping Guidance Checklist.
  • PRACTICALS: Using various software to do your bookkeeping.
  • Understanding the financial reports from your bookkeeping.

Module 3: Operation and Inventory

  • Understanding effective operations systems
  • Types of business operations models you can use as an SME.
  • Creating schedules, standards and control.
  • Understanding inventory management.
  • Eliminating wastage and leakages.
  • How to track all your inventory in real time.
  • Managing your inventory.
  • Effective tools for managing and monitoring inventory.
  • Growth and expansion.
  • Understanding demand supply in your industry.
  • Managing operations across departments or branches.
  • Identifying your product profit.
  • Why You Need to Use A Software to Run your Business.
  • The Hardware You Require to Automate Your Business Successfully.
  • Introducing The Inventory Module of the Software
  • Introducing The Finance Module .
  • Introducing The Point of Sales Module .
  • How to Communicate with Your Clients Using the inventory software.
  • How to Retain Your Clients Using the software.
  • How to Analyze Your Business Data with the software.

Module 4: Leadership and Management

  • Understanding your personality as a CEO, and a team leader.
  • Relating your personality to the different leadership styles
  • Understanding the role of the CEO, creating your own job description as the CEO.
  • Conflict resolution as the CEO.
  • Managing employees and attracting the right team members.
  • How to handle appraisals and promotions
  • Identifying different strategies to differentiate and grow your business.
  • Creating strategies you can deploy for the next 6 months and beyond for your business
  • Creating corporate governance in your company
  • Creating an enabling environment to retain the best hands.

In addition to these, you will also get access to 5 bonuses worth N185,000

  • Employee Policy Manual Template valued at N15,000 

  • Company Policy Manual Template  valued at N10,000
  • How to keep your accounting records from the expert Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze of AccountingHub, valued at N20,000

  • An E-book on creating a vision and mission statement valued at N10,000

  • A course on Inventory management from the Business data management expert M office portal valued at N50,000
  • I hour clarity phone call for the first 100 students  valued at N40,000

  • 20 company document templates valued at N40,000

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Here's everything you are getting when you sign up right now...

Grab the Course Now

Mastering Business Skills is right for you if you want to..

  • Build a sustainable business that will not be heavily dependent on you for its day to day running.
  • Avoid the mistakes lack of knowledge can cause you if you are about to start.
  • Improve your leadership skills and know how to effectively manage your team members.
  • Understand Business strategy and create strategies your company can run on for a set period.
  • Run a business that is independent of you as the CEO.
  • Understand everything an Sme needs to know about Accounting, the different records to keep, the TAX obligations you have as an SME and lots more.

Imagine your Business when…

  1. You can finally do your book keeping your self, understand the records and insist on the type of records your accountant gives you. 
  2. Your operations are smooth, no more constant follow up of staff to do their work.
  3. Your business strategy is on point month in, month out. Something is cooking and it’s bringing results.
  4. You can track your Sales, your Expenses, you know where the money is.
  5. You can price your goods well now, you know the goods that bring in more profit, and concentrate on improving your services.
  6. You know how to read data and understand your Inventory properly.
  7. You are able to grow your business and expand to other locations, have distributors, if that is in your vision.
  8. Your staff follow your company policies and respect your business.
  9. You can track your inventory, you don’t have lost stock again, and theft is reduced drastically.
  10. You have time for your self now, you can take a holiday, you can even venture into other interest, and your business will still be running smoothly.

The course is 100% Online and mobile friendly.

You can access Mastering Business and Skill Online Course on any device from anywhere in the world. Whether from your home Computer or on the go. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most asked questions.

The course launches on the 22nd of June 2020, and ends on the 5th of JULY 2020. Classes commence online on 20th of July – 2020.

If you started business with little or no knowledge, then it’s time to upgrade and do better with your business. Even if you are already an existing business, you still need these skills to grow your business.

What ever level of expansion you want, we will work through strategies to make it happen if you put in the work.

  • Do you always have to tell your staff everything to do?
  • Do you question how your business operates?
  • Are you accounting records up to date in the correct way an SME should?
  • Do you have  stock issues, stock theft?
  • Do you always have to think of what next to do in the business and scroll through Social Media looking for what others are doing?
  • Do you start and stop because you don’t have the zeal to finish a project?
  • Do you always employ staff and in few months they leave without notice, or you always have to employ new staff because they don’t stay long with you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Then Course is for you.

You will have access to the videos and materials for two years. You are free to pace, study at your own time, and work through the entire course at your own convenience.

However, If you are on the group coaching package, then you need to work with the schedule of the course to get the benefit of the group coaching., if not you can still study at your pace, but there will be no group coaching.


Mastering Business Skill is a 100 percent online course. There is no physical class, All Modules, Bonuses and Coaching are done online. Students will have access to their personal login details once payment has been confirmed.

Send an e-mail to info@tracydiamonds.com 

I look forward to helping you gain the skills needed to grow your BUSINESS.


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