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  1. Hello,
    My name is Obianuju Nwajiobi, I’m the founder and Aesthetics director of Blondzworld Aesthetics . A skincare, wellness and med spa located in lekki lagos.

    I recently moved to a bigger space, with the same staff capacity that’s one assistant therapist and the front desk.
    Been having hiring challenges in the previous year, particularly for my front desk. I hire they stay 2weeks and leave.
    Because I was in dire need of someone to manage the front desk Because of the workload on I and my assistant I just decided to hire someone that’s willing to work even though she’s not qualified for the position hoping to train her on the job but all to no avail.

    Now we have a bigger space, I’m looking to hire 2 extra staff, someone qualified enough for the front desk, and an aesthetic nurse, I don’t want them to come in and leave in a short time like others did, I don’t want to hire a new staff without the right structure and documentations Because its draining training all over again.
    I really do hope all my questions gets answered during this course.

    Thank you

  2. My name is chisom obidike

    I manage a distribution business, we import goods and to different parts of the country, my biggest problem is with keeping inventory and accounting it’s becoming a lot confirming payment, keeping stock and almost doing everything myself

    I get new staffs take the time to teach them and still have to keep in close contact with them, it almost feels like I can’t do anything with my time because work just interferes

    I do the marketing which involves a lot of traveling and somehow it feels like the office is traveling with me and we just opened 2 branches in a space of 1 year and 🥺🥺🥺

    That’s my reason for being here, I hope to grow some more this cousre just came at the right time because I have been trying to figure it out on my own and it’s taking so much time and energy because I also have something else I do in the side

    Thank you Tracy for this ….I will be asking alot of questions as we go

    You are awesome

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