Can’t still write your company and staff policies even after buying the templates from me? Your staff are still not following your company policies?

Let me show you for FREE, how to write your Company Policies, Staff Policies and Standard Operating Procedures using the templates you already have. If you dont have any of my templates you can still attend?


I want to show you exactly how to and also do it with you in this 2-3 hours FREE webinar.


  1. You have attended my webinar classes on business structure and during the webinar, I spoke about issues that you can relate with because they affect you too, but you still haven’t implemented most of the things you learnt.
  2. You really desire a change in the everyday running of your business and you have gotten some of my company structure and policy documents but you still can’t tailor them to fit into your business goals.
  3. You want to compile all the necessary staff policies as soon as possible; you have started, but you had to stop because you are not sure if you are doing it right.
  4. You are so busy with a lot of office and family work and haven’t had time to create these documents to suit your specific company needs.

With the templates you already have, we will create policies  your company and I will work you through the different sections.

This free webinar is certainly for you if:

  • You have been looking for a “Watch me do it” sample on how to create company/staff policies.
  • You have started creating some policies but you are not sure if you are getting it right.
  • You do not want some one to do it for you since you are the one in the business and understands the challenges you are facing.
  • You already have a solution to the issues that could come up as a result of the day to day running of your business but you are struggling with how to coin them into policies.

If you have not gotten any of the templates but will like to create your company policies, click on the red button below to get the templates and bonuses at discounted prices. It will help you to understand better during the free webinar.

After this webinar you would have learnt:

  • How to actually create your company/staff policies using the templates you already have.
  • How to introduce these policies to your staff members.
  • How to implement new policies.
  • When to change policies that are no longer serving the purpose for which they were created.

And lots more!



The webinar will be held on the 5th of June 2021, 8:00pm WAT

There will be no replay. It is a free webinar; please ensure to attend.

It is free.

YES, it is for SME CEOs who have bought our templates and those who are yet to get it.

Yes, I will do it while you watch and see how it is being done. It is going to be a practical-based webinar. 

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