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Are you a Business Owner who is tired of Staff Wahala?

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The 70 Staff Policies Templates contains the must-have policies your staff needs to know while running the day-to-day activities of your company. It serves as a reference and solution to all the potential issues that may arise.

Is this you?

As an SME, managing staff can be stressful. You will have to keep explaining and repeating yourself every day. Staff policies are a set of guidelines or rules a particular company is governed by on a daily basis. They are unique to every company.


As a nigerian Business Owner, I know this is your desire;




N9,999 instead of N15,000





Structure Assessment Sheet

Staff Induction Checklist

Non-disclosure Agreement

Plus a video explaining how to use the policy template

The 70 staff policy templates are compatible with Microsoft word and google docs. (All our documents are editable in most formats i.e Microsoft word, google docs.)

Every Nigerian business owner deserves a plug and play staff policy handbook, all you have to do is to type only your business name, change a few details, download and print.

You want to have time to work on your company strategy and not to repeat yourself everyday on issues that always have the same answer because they are not documented.

When you buy the 70 staff policy templates​

Option One

Get 70 Staff Policy Template for N9,999 instead of N15,000

Option Two

Get 70 Staff Policy Template & All Staff Employment Documents for N18,999 instead of N35,000

Option Three

Get 70 Staff Policy Template, All Staff Employment Documents & Ten JDs & KPIs for N41,999 instead of N65,000


It will be sent to your email immediately your order and payments have been confirmed.

The 70 staff policy templates will be sent to your mail in an editable format. You can download, edit and print. The hard copy costs N60,000. Click the link below to get it. 

If you have started or about to start your business and you are yet to compile staff policies that will guide your old and new employees in the day to day running of your business with or with out your presence or input, then the 70 staff policy templates are for you.

It is a one-time payment of N9,999

It is N9,999 only. A one-time payment that gives you a downloadable access to the templates.

Yes, they are. You can download, edit and print.

They are general templates that can fit into any type of business and company that has employees or intend having employees in future. You can edit the templates to fit into the type of business you run.

There is no refund after payment.

Meet the Policy Creator


I help SME CEOs to structure their business operations so that their business can run smoothly on it's own.

I’m also the CEO of Saint Tracy, a luxury jewelry brand with Four Physical Branches in Nigeria.
Back in 2014, I wasn’t a Business Structure and Management Expert, people know me for today. My business was in a big mess and my head was pulling out.

So I started searching, I wanted to know if it was possible to run a business effectively without my 100% presence.
After many years of researching and studying, I started implementing and my business began to take a new turn. I didn’t have to be at work for my business to run smoothly.

Not only that, I’ve been able to help over 1000 SME CEOs build an effective structure for their business.

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